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Monumental Masonry

We have are experienced in all aspect of monumental masonry, whether it be commissioning a new memorial or for a complete restoration of an existing memorial.

It is important when considering your options regarding a memorial that you understand the options available to you, and we are here to help guide you through that process. There are such a wide range of memorial available and various regulations for each churchyard or cemetery. We therefore feel it is best to arrange an appointment to discuss your options. 

A quote is always given with no obligation, before any work is commenced.

The Lord is my shepherd engraving on headstone

The Lord is my shepherd engraving on headstone


Memorial donations are a great way to create a lasting legacy of someone who has passed away. It has become to norm to have a retiring collection for a charity, these are requested in lieu of flowers. Any charity can be chosen, and is often a charity that the deceased has supported for many years, or to one that has had an effect on them in later life.

We will handle all donations for you, we arrange for the collection to take place at the service, and then keep to collect open for approximately 4-6 weeks after the service. This is so those who couldn't make the service for whatever reason, can still have their donation added to the total made in the deceased's memory. We will then arrange for the collection to be sent to the charity and will inform you of the total collected.

Where possible we suggest that donations are made with a 'Gift Aid' decleration, this enable the chosen chairty to claim an extra 25% from the government. So every £1 given is worth £1.25 to the charity, and at no additional cost to yourself. Gift Aid forms can be found here.

Online donation collection service is also available, please speak to us about this.

Thank you note

Thank you note

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Bereavement Support

The loss of someone close to us, is understandably a challenging and difficult time. Our aim is to be on hand to help and guide you through the process around funeral arrangements, and to make it as stress free as possible.

There are a number of organisations who are also on hand to help you with your bereavement, should you wish to receive it. These are:

MHM - Mental Health Matters - 07850927064

Local Barnstaple centre for support when you need it, when other services are closed. The centre is open Thursday to Sunday 6pm - Midnight at The Mooring, Braddon House, Princess St, Barnstaple, EX32 7EU (St John's Ambulance building)

The Mooring @ Braddon House offers a welcoming, safe, comfortable, non-judgemental and non-clinical environment. The emphasis is on reducing immediate distress, and supporting visitors to access services and opportunities to them in the wider community.

You are welcome to come just for a cup of tea and a chat, or you can access one-to-one emotional support from trained mental health professionals. They also offer help in creating staying well and crisis plans.

Cruse Bereavement Care - 0808 808 1677 

Cruse Bereavement Care was founded in 1959 and is a national charity providing free advice, information and support to adults, young people and children who are struggling to cope with grief arising from bereavement, when or however the death occurred. 

Families In Grief - 01237 479027

Families In Grief supports children, young people and their families who have experience the death of someone close to them.

S.A.N.D.S. - 0808 164 3332 

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. We operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.