Austin A60


Classic hearse, only 1 of 2 remaining

Roger has carefully restored the A60 hearse over the last couple of years. Here is an overview of the work it involved.

Film Work

BBC drama, Christine Keeler
The Crown season 3

Not only does the A60 get used for funerals, it has become somewhat of a regular on TV filming sets.



Our A60 is available as an alternative to our modern hearse, for no additional charge.

 Roger has spent many hours carefully and lovingly restoring the Austin A60, which we believe to be only one of two remaining in the UK. This really is a unique classic hearse. 

Our A60 has also become quite a film star. Having recently made a return to the limelight after some years away from the camera. 

The A60 featured in a Monty Python many years ago. 

But more recently, has been on the set of 'The Crown' a Netflix series, which is due to be aired in November 2019. Not long after the first appearance after the restoration, our A60 was called back up. This time to feature in a BBC drama, 'The Trial Of Christine Keeler' which is due to be released late 2019 to early 2020.